What We Do

For more than 25 years we at Coda Octopus have been a leading designer, developer and supplier of innovative products and services to the global maritime and subsea market.

Established Front-Runners in the Emerging Marine Geophysical Survey Market

From the beginning, we have been the established front-runners in the emerging marine geophysical survey market and introduced the GEO range of software and hardware acquisition products, the first commercially successful and technically capable systems to be introduced. This range has enjoyed a position as an industry standard since that time and is constantly kept current through our program of continuous investment and direct focus on process automation.

Innovating in the Adjacent Market of Marine Positioning

Shortly thereafter, we innovated in the adjacent market of marine positioning, vital for all survey applications and introduced to the market our MOTION range of positioning and attitude solutions. Our F180® series created a new one-box concept, tightly integrating both GPS position and attitude sensors in a single system as an alternative to the more complex and less accurate separate sensor offerings of the time. This range has remained an industry standard supported by leading survey companies and solution providers and benefits from continuous investment so our customers always have the latest available functionality, best performance and accuracy.

Setting New Standards by Developing the World’s Only Real-time 3D Imaging Sonar

We then delivered a transformational technical innovation with the ground-breaking introduction of our patented flagship product the Echoscope®, which is still the world’s only real-time 3D imaging sonar, allowing users to visualize their underwater environment live, in 3D, and in all water visibility conditions. The Echoscope® technology sits at the heart of our 3D product range, which now encompasses an expanded range of sonars for varying market and application requirements. In addition, we have two leading 3D visualization and processing software applications and a growing range of complimentary and fully integrated hardware accessories. Together these greatly increase system capability, meet and exceed specific market application requirements and further protect our customers’ investment in the most versatile and powerful 3D sonar in the market. Our widely adopted Underwater Inspection System (UIS) provides a comprehensive solution platform for ports, maritime security and law enforcement and fully integrates our key products from the 3D and MOTION product ranges. Our 3D range gives unparalleled capability to see precisely what is happening underwater in real-time, with no post-processing, in all water conditions and is visualized in an intuitive near photographic display that requires no expertise for interpretation.

We are Transforming Underwater Capability

At Coda Octopus we are considered in the industry in which we operate as the leading experts on subsea sonar visualization. Our customers’ needs drive us to develop integrated, intuitive technology and subsea solutions that will transform underwater capability and deliver value to our customers, including enhanced safety through real-time capability to see the underwater environment and increased productivity gains, again driven by the ability to see the underwater environment in real-time and making impossible subsea tasks possible.