Learn from Our Experts

Whether you are a first time user of our real-time 3D sonar systems, an experienced hydrographic surveyor, or simply want training to optimize the use of real-time 3D sonar for your various projects, we offer a range of courses to ensure you are able to effectively operate your 3D sonar system to deliver the greatest benefit to your project.

Our courses can be delivered in Edinburgh, UK, Orlando, Florida, or at a customer’s facility, and are based around a balanced mixture of theory and practical with classroom lectures, discussions, interactive operation of our hardware and software and use of our test tank facility. We use real world case studies and data examples and will include practical teaching on a vessel.

Alternatively, if we are working with experienced 3D sonar operators, we can deliver bespoke courses, which provide project specific design and support, to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your real-time 3D sonar deployment. These can be refresher courses to brush up on skills, or specific courses to cover new topics.


  • Learn from our extensive 3D Sonar knowledge and experience
  • Enhance the capability of your operators
  • Extend the scope of your equipment
  • Improve the efficiency of your operations