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3D Multiple Automated Target Tracking (3D MATT)

3D Multiple Automated Target Tracking (3D MATT)


3D MATT is a real-time multiple target tracker that uses the 3D data from our flagship real-time 3D volumetric sonar technology, the patented Echoscope® series.


Using 3D MATT  users are able to define a target to be tracked that is visible in the real-time 3D sonar data and through a set of specifically designed constraints. By allocating the probability extent and the approximate dimensions and speed of the target, 3D MATT can accurately track targets in real-time and at the maximum Echoscope® ping rate of 20 pings per second.

3D MATT is fully aligned with our real-time 3D sonar and any object that can be visualized by our sonar can be the subject of tracking by 3D MATT.

Some applications  which can use 3D MATT include:

Cable Installation and Survey

In offshore wind farm operations, 3D MATT will automatically track and record cable touch down points, an essential aspect of the cable laying operation. 3D MATT removes a monotonous task from the operators' responsibility, and automatically tracks cable touch down points helping maintain a safe and steady tension on the cable as the vessel moves. Conventionally an operator visualizes the cable, and manually clicks on touch down points. When using 3D MATT, the operator will need to click on the first point and thereafter 3D MATT will track the cable’s position. Uniquely, 3D MATT segments the Cable from the Seabed and is therefore able to report the point on the cable closest to the seabed and maintain this TDP irrespective of changes in altitude or terrain. Therafter, the operator only needs to interact with the tracking and re-seed its position if tracking is lost because of environmental or other reasons.

Diver Tracking and Support

3D MATT is capable of tracking complex targets such as Divers which change shape dynamically, for example due to changes in the pose of the diver (swimming or walking) or due to the diver exhaling which causes visible bubble streams rising to the surface,. Topside personnel can now easily monitor diver progress and safety in real-time with full 3D spatial awareness. Compared to USBL and other acoustic beacon technology, the high update rate of 3D MATT with 20Hz positional data is highly appealing for tight control coupled with the Echoscope real-time visual data of the diver and the surrounding scene.

Vehicle Target Tracking

In maritime security and defense applications where the target is not known, or in standard AUV and ROV support operations, 3D MATT is capable of tracking and recording the full 3D path of these targets simply with additional refinement such as size of the vehicle, speed of movement even in zero visibility water conditions. The real-time and recorded path of the tracked object is fully available and reported with our USE software, permitting additional layered response integration such as defense related Fire Control Systems where real-time and predicted range and bearing of the target tracked is used.

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