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General Imaging and Monitoring

Real-Time Surveillance of Subsea Threats

For all military and security personnel, instant information regarding subsea threats is a necessity to ensure the safety of the public and the crew. Our real-time 3D volumetric sonar, the Echoscope®, is capable of providing a live, 3D volumetric image of the subsea environment even in zero visibility waters.

By generating over 16,000 beams per acoustic transmission and with a frame rate of over 20 pings per second, the Echoscope range of sonars can “see”, position objects, and map the underwater scene in real-time, providing unique 3D acoustic movie imagery.

Unlike a standard multibeam, the real-time 3D Echoscope does not need a moving vessel to instantly visualize both moving and static objects underwater. By adding a MOTION GPS positioning sensor, the Echoscope and complementary CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) visualization software can create constantly displayed georeferenced images as data is collected.

The real-time 3D volumetric Echoscope also can be used to aid navigation of ROVs and AUVs, as well as providing valuable visualization of the subsea environment for the removal of sediment, debris or critical assets. It can immediately identify complex targets, such as cable catenaries or existing breakwater blocks. These unique features make the Echoscope useful for a number of applications, from creating real-time 3D models of downed oil platforms and super structures, to understanding complex subsea asset alignment for decommissioning purposes.

Real-Time Benefits


  • World’s only 3D sonar capable of visualizing moving objects underwater, even in zero visibility conditions

Decision Making

  • Allows military and security personnel to make real-time decisions to improve their subsea operation
  • Protects safety of divers and critical subsea assets


  • Increases safety of crews at sea and citizens in ports and harbours

Round-the-Clock Support

Dedicated to enhanced customer service and support, TEAM members access a range of benefits alongside unsurpassed 24x7 technical support. Additionally, Coda Octopus offers on-site training for the products and Through Life Support for extended support that goes beyond regular service level support and warranties.

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