Due to UK and EU dual-use export regulations, the Echoscope® (rated above 250m) and the F280® Series (but not the F180® Series) are export controlled dual-use items.

Export Control Classification Number for the Echoscope®6A001a1a2a
Export Control Classification Number for the F280® Series: 7A003d1

Harmonized Codes:

Echoscope 9015 8020
F180 and F280  Series 9015 8020
Parts and Accessories 9015 9000

No export license is required for shipments within the European Union. 

There are General Export Authorisations in place for exports from the United Kingdom to the European Union and Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and USA and from the European Union to the United Kingdom.

If you intend to use these item outside of these countries, this may require an export license. We therefore suggest that you contact our export control division should you have any questions on this: exportcontrol@codaoctopus.com.