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Survey Engine® Automatic Object Detection Package ("SEADP")

Survey Engine® Automatic Object Detection Package ("SEADP")


The Survey Engine® Automatic Object Detection Package (“SEADP”) automatically detects boulders on the sea bed, and generates a comprehensive report on each detected boulder. In addition to the detection of each boulder using AI, the SEADP automatically computes the boulder position, length and height to further automate the vital analysis of the seabed condition, saving time and cost.

Example of SEADP Report with Boulders
Report created rapidly from automatic boulder detection
Side scan sonar data
Image of side scan sonar data


SEADP a new product for the subsea geophysical market which is based on algorithms designed and developed around artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. It is supplied with Survey Engine Sidescan+ and Survey Engine Mosaic+, two fully integrated software packages which produce high quality mosaics, speeding up sidescan data processing, interpretation and processing for large sets of data resolution.

Based around a flexbible database, Survey Engine gives fast access to all survey information, even from the largest datasets. Integrating this software with SEADP takes the user from raw data files to fully interpreted and defined GIS or CAD deliverables in a seamless, integrated environment.

As with all of our products, SEADP, Sidescan+ and Mosaic+ are backed up by 24/7 Technical Support and software maintenance program ensuring assistance is at hand whenever and wherever you require it.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid analysis and report generation
  • Save significant time and cost
  • Eliminate laborious manual boulder recording
  • Easily create deliverable reports of findings

Round-the-Clock Support

Dedicated to enhanced customer service and support, TEAM members access a range of benefits alongside unsurpassed 24x7 technical support. Additionally, Coda Octopus offers on-site training for the products and Through Life Support for extended support that goes beyond regular service level support and warranties.

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