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Cable Touch Down Monitoring, Installation and Survey

Continuous Real-Time Imaging for Cable Survey and Installation

Coda Octopus real-time 3D volumetric imaging sonar solutions, based on our Echoscope® technology, have been integral to the success of the rapidly growing offshore wind energy projects throughout the world. Providing critical live visualization and monitoring in real-time first-person’s perspective, we  enable users to see the cable pull in points, cable catenary and conduct real-time touchdown monitoring.

Our technology uniquely provides the vital and continuous real-time 3D data and image of the cable catenary in the water-column and its touchdown point on the seabed.  Monitoring the cable catenary during the lay operation is essential to reduce stress and strain on the cable by matching the vessel speed and the cable pay out rate, combined with adjustment for varying seafloor depths. Full design data of the lay corridor and prior documented hazards can be imported to our CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) to allow greater interaction and decision making between the design and live operations.  Furthermore, undocumented hazards or objects in the cable lay path are seen in advance and decision to slow operations or adjust the design lay corridor path are made in real-time, saving considerable and costly rework and potential damage to the cable.

A standard method is that this is accomplished by the vessel position and mathematical model estimation. This method does not however provide any real-time visualization of the cable or monitoring and documenting the actual touchdown point. As such this estimation method does not provide accurate real-time event monitoring such as new hazards in the planned cable route nor unforeseen cable excess or over tension pay-out.

Offshore wind and renewable projects also rely on our real time 3D technology to monitor umbilical cable pull-ins to the J-Tube in real-time even in zero visibility conditions, ensuring no downtime due to unfavorable weather conditions that would typically prevent ROV and other subsea operations.

In addition to monitoring all underwater operations live, our integrated solution produces real-time 3D volumetric mosaics delivering survey grade bathymetric data during the operation or as part of a pre- or post-lay survey deliverables.  The extremely high-resolution and high-density 3D data gives the operator more detail and greater confidence that there are no impeding hazardous objects in the cable path in pre-lay and in post-lay detecting even the smallest fiber optic cables in extremely challenging seabed conditions.

Our integrated real-time 3D volumetric sonars coupled with our range of 3D rotators, the Integrated Pan & Tilt (IPT) and the Integrated Single Axis Rotator (ISAR), allow for the safe, controlled and efficient monitoring and survey of these operations without the use of divers or additional chase vessels. The latest development in our automation of our sensors allows the automatic guidance of the IPT and ISAR devices to maintain focus and optimum geometry to the cable and the cable touchdown point.

Real-Time Benefits


  • Continuous real-time 3D imaging of the cable catenary
  • Cable lay path monitoring within design lay corridor
  • Touch down point imaging and documentation
  • Full visualization of the seabed prior to and after the TDP

Decision Making

  • Cable tension monitoring
  • Design lay path inspection in real-time ahead of lay
  • TDP documentation
  • Ability to offer the Lay Vessel Pilot, Cable Pay-out operator and survey team complete and independent views of the underwater scene for respective decision making


  • Recorded position of all TDPs
  • Pre and post bathymetric survey data
  • Real-time operational lay recording of entire process with full 3D data

Round-the-Clock Support

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