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Single Sensor, Multi-Application for Real-Time Visualization, Decision Making and Deliverables

At Coda Octopus, we develop state-of-the-art solutions, advancing the capabilities offered to our customers with a focus on operational productivity, real-time effective decision making and deliverables, while enhancing operations and safety. Our unique real-time 3D volumetric imaging sonars provide for the first time, a single sensor to support operations throughout the entire work-flow process. From the initial inspection and pre-work survey through the real-time monitoring of live operations and the final inspection, documentation and post-work survey our solutions provide a truly end-to-end capability to our users.       

The range of applications for which our technologies are used and best suited are constantly increasing, and our solutions have become the tools of choice across various sectors.


Commercial Applications

Our products provide top-level solutions for various Commercial applications

Breakwater Construction and Management

From the port extension project in Rotterdam, to breakwater construction projects in Poland, Qatar, Australia, Africa and the Middle East, Coda Octopus has gained a unique insight and deep understanding into how our advanced technology can provide significant time-saving and increased safety benefits to large marine construction projects.

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Cable Touch Down Monitoring, Installation and Survey

Coda Octopus real-time 3D volumetric imaging sonar solutions, based on our Echoscope® technology, have been integral to the success of the rapidly growing offshore wind energy projects in the UK and throughout Europe. Providing critical live visualization and monitoring in real time 1st person perspective, we cover the cable pull in points, cable catenary and conduct real time touch down monitoring.

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Channel Route Survey and Clearance

Channel and Route Clearance surveys are required for new construction projects such as pipe or cable routes, or for channel depth inspection to support deep draft vessels and assets. It is critical in both scenarios to provide unambiguous and high level of detail survey data to the operators in real-time to make essential decisions for remediation.

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Complex Structural Survey

In ports and harbors, docks and bridge structures are often comprised of multi-layer piling structures as many as 20 pilings deep. Standard multi-beam and mapping sonars which typically can only detect the first row of pilings. Our unique real-time 3D volumetric sonars however can image all of the pilings to the full depth typically in a single pass.

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Critical Asset Inspection

Critical Asset Inspections requires careful planning to image the target at the best geometry and distance for the highest data quality. Our CodaOctopus® Underwater Inspection System (UIS) is used on a daily basis as a versatile real-time sonar for underwater inspections of critical infrastructure assets, risk assessment, vessel hull surveys and routine clearance surveys.

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Diver Inspection, Safety and Support

When divers are deployed in critical subsea operations, it is paramount for top-side dive supervisors to maintain clear and constant visibility or the dive site at all times. The Echoscope®, Coda Octopus’s flagship real-time 3D volumetric sonar, instantly visualizes moving objects underwater live and in 3D, despite zero visibility water conditions.

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Coda Octopus has been involved in dredging operations that have spanned some of the world’s largest trailing suction hopper dredger down to bucket dredgers deployed from a small barge. All operations, regardless of size, have been focused on ensuring site clearance has been performed to specification and in a productive and efficient manner.

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General 3D Imaging and Monitoring

In a number of subsea marine industries, the real-time monitoring of dynamic operations underwater is a necessity. Coda Octopus’s real-time 3D volumetric sonar, the Echoscope®, is capable of providing a live, 3D volumetric image of the subsea environment even in zero visibility waters.

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Geophysical Site Investigation

When geophysical surveys are required for projects such as new marine construction, oil discovery, or offshore wind farms, surveyors rely on quick reporting and easy-to-interpret data. The CodaOctopus® GEO range of geophysical data acquisition and interpretation hardware and software remains a worldwide market leader.

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Hydrographic Survey and Mapping

Performing Hydrographic Surveys requires contractors to place faith in the performance of a number of different sensors. At Coda Octopus we have over 15 years’ experience in delivering robust, reliable and repeatable solutions that have been the cornerstone for thousands of Hydrographic Survey operations worldwide.

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Pipeline Survey, Inspection and Reporting

The Coda Octopus 3D and MOTION product families support more dynamic operations including pipeline laying and rapid inspections. The Echoscope® real-time 3D sonar produces a volumetric swath with a large quantity of data points per pulse, in order to visualize moving operations live, in real-time.

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Subsea Placement and Landing

By providing operators with the invaluable ability to monitor operations live, the Echoscope® real-time 3D volumetric sonar and the CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) software have been used on subsea asset installation operations around the world, thus minimizing risk, minimizing downtime, and maximizing progress.

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Trenching and Rock Dumping

For cables and pipelines that require trenching and backfilling, the Echoscope's proprietary technology produces a live, 3D real-time visualization of moving operations underwater even in challenging conditions, where strong currents or turbid waters threaten operational timelines.

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