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Nuclear and Hazardous Site Inspection and Monitoring

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Particularly in the field of Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Inspection and Monitoring, real-time monitoring of dynamic conditions underwater is a necessity. Whether as part of a Critical Asset or routine maintenance survey, or a response to an urgent fault, our Echoscope® series of real-time 3D volumetric imaging sonars, together with the supporting CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) visualization software, and F180® Series MOTION positioning and attitude sensors provide users with live, easy-to-interpret results. Through high resolution real-time 3D scene awareness, our unique and best-in-class sonar technology, allows the operator to coordinate and inspect assets with the appropriate survey emergency dive planning.

Routine surveys of critical infrastructure such as nuclear and hazardous sites are made much simpler and cost effective while ensuring complete coverage of the assets during the live survey, often in a single pass. This means that it is rarely necessary to do a follow up survey as the real-time data can be checked and supplemented, if necessary, on site before returning to port.

The speed of inspection and real-time monitoring and assessment further allows the operator to inspect the asset with different acoustic frequencies in a similar time frame, which can enable more detailed analysis of scour and material penetration.

Unlike a standard multibeam, the real-time 3D volumetric Echoscope does not need a moving vessel to instantly visualize both moving and static objects underwater. Static installations overlooking critical infrastructure could offer real-time monitoring and instant information on operational status of intake valves and cooling channels! By adding a MOTION GPS positioning sensor, the Echoscope and complementary USE visualization software can create constantly displayed geo-referenced images as data is collected.

With the integration of our Integrated Pan and Tilt (IPT) and Integrated Single-Axis Rotator (ISAR) the capability and extend of real-time monitoring can be significantly increased, particularly for slow or static deployments such as barges. The use of external positioning on targets requiring discrete tracking can additionally be configured in the USE software to provide autonomous tracking over the entire IPT or ISAR field of movement.

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