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The DA4G™-USB takes the industry leading digital acquisition and conversion components from the DA4G™ and presents them in a robust and smaller package for analog and digital acquisition.

DA4G-USB Connecting Side
DA4G-USB Right-Hand Side


Compact, Portable Geophysical Acquisition Platform with USB Interface

The DA4G-USB is the latest in the DA4G series of acquisitions systems from the CodaOctopus®:GEO family. This new streamlined system takes the industry leading digital acquisition and conversion components from the DA4G and presents them in a robust and smaller package for analog and digital acquisition.  

This small form-factor platform with generic USB-to-PC interface facilitates the use of existing PC hardware for geophysical data acquisition. The DA4G-USB runs our GeoSurvey™ software for either single sensor acquisition (sidescan or sub-bottom profiler) or dual sensor acquisition (DA4G™-USB 1000 or 2000). The GeoSurvey software dongle can be embedded in the software or issued separately. 

Customers will only need to add a simple PC or laptop to the DA4G-USB to complete their acquisition package. The GeoSurvey software dongle can either be embedded in the new DA4G-USB or issued separately depending on the customer's preference. 

The new DA4G-USB is based on the fourth generation of our successful DASeries® product range. Built on twenty years of knowledge, experience and innovation in supplying acquisition systems to the worldwide geophysical survey sector, the DA4G-USB is a purpose-built, turn-key solution to incorporate the latest hardware specifications designed to meet the demanding nature of offshore survey work. 

With a series of simplified hardware and software solutions that are backed by high quality global service and support, CodaOctopus:GEO remains the family of choice for advanced geophysical solutions. 

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with all leading sidescan sonars and sub-bottom profilers in digital or analogue formats
  • Acquire digital and analogue data simultaneously
  • Up to 4 analog input channels
  • Dual independent asynchronous triggering
  • Magnetometer input
  • Includes GeoSurvey software and fully compatible with the new Survey Engine range of processing software
  • Generic USB-to-PC interface
  • Small form factor, portable acquisition platform®

Choose a Product that Fits Your Needs

DA4G™-USB 500

Triggers: 1
Channels: 2
Interface: SSS or SBP

DA4G™-USB 1000

As DA4G™-USB with multiple display windows
Triggers: 1
Channels: 4
Interface: SSS & SBP separately

DA4G™-USB 2000

As DA4G™-USB 1000 with multiple sensors
Triggers: 2
Channels: 4
Interface: SSS & SBP simultaneously

Round-the-Clock Support

Dedicated to enhanced customer service and support, TEAM members access a range of benefits alongside unsurpassed 24x7 technical support. Additionally, Coda Octopus offers on-site training for the products and Through Life Support for extended support that goes beyond regular service level support and warranties.

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