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Time Lock Power Supply

Time Lock Power Supply


Synchronize your Echoscope® to an external time source.


The Time Lock Power Supply keeps your real-time 3D Echoscope sonar accurately synchronized to an external time source.

With a synchronization accuracy of 1 millisecond, your Echoscope system will be synchronized with your time source for the duration of the survey.

The accuracy of your 3D mosaicked data can be greatly improved by applying a post processed navigation file using the Corrected Navigation feature in CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE).

The Time Lock Power Supply requires only a standard NMEA ZDA string over RS-232 and a 1 pulse per second signal as inputs. Easy-to-read LEDs on the power supply housing display the status of both inputs and the synchronization status.

Available on new power supplies, the time lock feature is a valuable addition to your real-time 3D volumetric Echoscope data acquisition capability.

This functionality is also available in the 3D Productivity Station (3DPS), Vehicle Integration Module (VIM) and as an OEM hardware package. This functionality is fully compatible with the F180® series and F175™ products.

Features & Benefits

  • Synchronize your Echoscope® to an external time source
  • 1-millisecond accuracy
  • Improve mosaicked data accuracy with post-processed navigation
  • Integrated power and communications hub

Choose a Product that Fits Your Needs

3D PSU with Peli-case

Available with or without Time Lock

OEM Time Synch Card

OEM Card available for existing systems

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