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Defense Sectors & Applications

Subsea Real Time Decision Making

Our real-time 3D volumetric sonar technology is the only COTs product available worldwide which is capable of a continuous real-time output of 3D sonar data.

This cutting-edge patented technology is used for a wide range of Defense applications both on surface manned and unmanned craft, and on subsea vehicles such as AUV or ROV.

The real-time 3D capability gives operators an ability to rapidly assimilate data, and to undertake real-time decision making and threat assessment.

When deployed in autonomous vehicles, the real-time 3D data enables auto object detection and avoidance, linking in with the vehicle navigation computer to provide real-time 3D updates enabling intelligent and enhanced mission profiles to be developed.

Either when deployed in manned or unmanned vehicles, a broad range of mission tasks can be undertaken, all of which will significantly reduce any threat assessment time, enabling real-time decision making for effective command and control. Examples of tasks which can be undertaken include:

  • Littoral mapping – enabling Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA), identification of hazards, threats and obstacles
  • Mine identification
  • AUV navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • Hostile AUV imaging, identification and tracking
  • Inshore maritime security
  • Search and rescue and recovery operations
  • Diver monitoring and tracking
  • Customized defense imaging applications from submersible platforms

Defense Sectors

Our products are designed with the specific needs of defense sectors in mind, where ruggedness and reliability under extreme operational conditions are paramount and where lives depend on accurate and precise information.

Law Enforcement

Mil-spec technology to rapidly mobilize, search and recover evidence and to identify hazardous objects in real-time, extending the capability of law enforcement and improving the safety of the port and the public.

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Maritime Security

We provide state-of-the-art technologies which can be rapidly mobilized to provide quick and clear results to ensure vessels and critical marine infrastructure in home based or foreign ports and harbors, are protected against threats from terrorist activities.

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