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Proprietary Equipment for Defense Programs

At Coda Octopus, we supply marine engineering business services to prime defense contractors. We have been supporting some significant defense programs for more than 20 years, including a program that enables us to supply, upgrade and maintain proprietary parts to these programs on an ongoing basis.


Defense Applications

Our products provide top-level solutions for various Defense applications

Complex Structure Survey and Inspection

For complex structure surveys, whether as part of a routine maintenance survey or a response to an urgent problem, our real-time 3D sonars complemented with our powerful top end real-time 3D visualization software provides users with live, easy-to-interpret results for use by hydrographic and non-hydrographic trained personnel alike.

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Critical Asset Inspection

Critical Asset Inspections requires careful planning to image the target at the best geometry and distance for the highest data quality. Coda Octopus has the appropriate range of sensors for either surface vessel or subsea ROV/AUV deployments for asset identification and reacquisition.

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Diver Inspection, Safety and Support

When divers are deployed in critical subsea operations, it is paramount for top-side dive supervisors to maintain clear and constant visibility or the dive site at all times. The Echoscope®, our flagship real-time 3D volumetric sonar, instantly visualizes moving objects underwater live and in 3D, despite zero visibility water conditions.

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Front End Threat Identification

Advanced naval and military applications require the ability to detect unknown threats and hazards before ships, autonomous vehicles, or landing crew vessels reach them. The Echoscope real-time 3D volumetric sonar technology can identify foreign objects rapidly and assist manned and unmanned vehicles navigate around the threat.

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General Imaging and Monitoring

For all military and security personnel, instant information regarding subsea threats is a necessity to ensure the safety of the public and the crew. Our real-time 3D volumetric sonar, the Echoscope®, is capable of providing a live, 3D volumetric image of the subsea environment even in zero visibility waters.

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Hydrographic Survey and Mapping

Performing Hydrographic Surveys requires contractors to place faith in the performance of a number of different sensors. At Coda Octopus we have over 15 years’ experience in delivering robust, reliable and repeatable solutions that have been the cornerstone for thousands of Hydrographic Survey operations worldwide.

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Obstacle Avoidance and Navigation

The Echoscope® combined with CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) software can either be used with almost any manned or unmanned surface vehicle. The proprietary beam forming technology allows the operator to see more around complex structures, increasing the likelihood of IED detection or contraband and evidence recovery.

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Landing Craft/Littoral Inspection Mapping

Critical marine infrastructure, like Ports and Harbors, require to be constantly monitored against the threat from terrorist activity. Given the large area to be covered, any solution needs to be easily deployed, used by non-technical operators, whilst providing clear and unambiguous information on the above and below waterline scene.

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Mine Survey, Detection and Clearance

Our calibrated Echoscope® real-time 3D sonar system enables a user to locate objects of known target strength, which makes the system ideally suited to a range of underwater applications including Mine Countermeasures (MCM), environmental projects and rapid object classification surveys.

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Sonar Integration (AUV/UUV/ROV/ASV/USV)

With a drive to obtain “map to model” results quickly and efficiently from either an ROV or AUV, the Echoscope® sonar with CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) software delivers unsurpassed 3D high definition fidelity that ROV pilots greatly depend on for navigational aid.

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Search and Rescue/Recovery

Looking for either suspended objects in the water column or sunken assets on the seabed is a difficult task. The Echoscope® uses proprietary beam forming technology to produce a volumetric swath capable of locating critical evidence that has been disposed.

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Ship Hull Mapping, Inspection and Repair

Identifying hauls of contraband from mule ships or foreign objects on larger vessels is a critical role of port authorities and law enforcement around the world. Active and passive scanning are now possible either using AUVs equipped with our Echoscope® real-time 3D sonar.

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