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Accurate and reliable MOTION and Positioning data in a compact Ruggedized IP67 Rated Housing.


The F280® GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (Attitude and Positioning Systems) is one of the models within the F280 Series® which is our new generation of high accuracy measurement instruments for use in the marine hydrographic and laser survey market. This new generation of GNSS-Aided INS systems embeds high accuracy components (accelerometers and gyros) and smart algorithms.

Designed to meet the exacting and demanding requirements of the hydrographic survey market, the F280® instruments are easy to install and use. These instruments produce very accurate positioning, heading and MOTION data in the most dynamic offshore conditions.

The light and rugged F280®, packaged in an IP67 rated housing, is a reliable, repeatable, and cost-effective solution suitable for use on vessels of all sizes. The F280® is one model within the F280 Series® of GNSS-Aided instrument. This model is Single frequency dual antenna GNSS receiver supporting GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou to improve constellation coverage and heading lock stabilization.

An easy-to-use and intuitive web interface provides configuration, control and processing functionality including built-in iHeave (intelligent heave). In addition to real-time heave measurement and output, the F280® now directly computes and outputs our long-standing and proven iHeave (intelligent Heave) solution without the need for top-side processing or software

The F280® is also available in a Pre-Calibrated Housing Assembly Configuration which removes the need for Field Calibration and therefore facilitates fast and repeatable field deployment and set up.

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