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Echoscope PIPE® Sequencer

Echoscope PIPE® Sequencer


PIPE® Sequencer is a paid software module within 4G USE® for Echoscope PIPE® Sonars that permits the configuration and viewing of multiple real time 3D Data Sets.

Figure showing Software Interface (Capture Cards with Sonar Acquisition Parameters)
Figure showing Software Interface (Capture Cards and Capture Views) with 3(of the 10 available) different 3D Acquisition Sets (315kHz, 560kHz, and 630kHz) rendered in a single consolidated 3D View


PIPE Sequencer allows users to configure and capture for their underwater environment a sequence of up to ten (10) sets of real time 3D Data sets and 3D Data Views using different acoustic and processing parameters such as frequency range, pulse length, TVG, transmit and receive gain or other processing parameters such as filters, bottom detection methods or sidelobe clip levels. This allows a single system to capture substantially higher quality data pertaining to its underwater environment than would be possible with a conventional sonar in a single configuration.

PIPE Sequencer also allows the user to open multiple 3D Data Windows in the software and view the various multiple 3D Data captured from different angles, thereby given more complete understanding of the underwater target/structure being imaged. 

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to create a sequence of up to 10 different parameter sets for acoustic capture and processing including different frequencies allowing hands free operation for different processing requirements in a single sonar system
  • Ability to swap configuration sets instantly ping-to-ping to achieve dynamic frequency, field of view and other capture and processing functions
  • Multiple real-time 4D images with different capture and process parameters which can be accessed and displayed in independent views of the survey operations in real-time
  • Replicate capability of running the same survey line at different frequencies or imaging parameters; or if multiple sonars were running simultaneously
  • Parallel Processing and Display of Real Time Images
  • Sequential Processing and Display of Real Time Images
  • Availability of Full Time Series 3D Backscatter Range and Intensity Data comprising up to 40 million data points per acoustic ping (128x128x2,500)
  • FAT and MAX images now can be generated from a single ping
  • Set acoustic Capture to address Transmit Frequency, Transmit Ping Shape, Transmit Pulse Length, Transmit and Receiver Gain Levels and Time Varying Gain (TVG)
  • Set the following processing and filtering parameters: Beam Detection (MAX and FAT), Threshold, Minimum and Maximum range, Noise Reduction, Sensitivity, Sidelobe Clipping, and Ping Rate

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