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Echoscope PIPE® Real Time XYZ

Echoscope PIPE® Real Time XYZ


The World’s Most Advanced Real Time Sonars for OEM and System Integrators


Fully embedded Real-Time 4D Sonar with industry standard XYZ data output for Different Requirements of Underwater Operations in Real Time

The Echoscope PIPE® Real Time XYZ sonar series (available in our C500 form factor and our standard Echoscope form factor) forms part of our OEM and System Integrator offering. The Real-Time XYZ sonars have the full PIPE processing engine embedded but are configured to output PIPE CORE 4D Ping data in an industry standard format for ease of integration and development. The sonar can be converted to a full featured PIPE sonar at any point allowing access to the additional modules including PIPE Sequencer, PIPE FTS, PIPE Multi and PIPE Raw.

PIPE Real-Time XYZ sonars remove the need to use Coda Octopus top end software packages such as CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer or 4G USE®, instead providing industry standard computed XYZ and Intensity data, direct from the sonar over the network. The sonar outputs speed of sound corrected, local coordinates, (that is relative to the Echoscope® position), for each of the 16,384 beams in every ping. Where required, these can be readily transformed by third-party applications into global coordinates using the platform's navigation system data. The sonar also allows a direct network connection for simple control and status information and so can be readily integrated into autonomous control or user-driven software applications. Since all communications are direct to the network, any Operating System with network support is supported (Windows or Linux). The control interface uses WebSockets while the data interface uses UDP.

The PIPE Real-Time XYZ sonars are delivered with a (Windows only) Control Application software tool that allows full control of the Echoscope® PIPE sonar and allows a simple real-time XYZ preview of the data. The Control Application with the XYZ preview functionality is intended to help Third party integrators check that their own XYZ rendering is correct and help confirm their control software is performing as expected. The previewer also allows some basic controls for the rendering of the XYZ point cloud data. The Echoscope PIPE® XYZ Control software package excludes any Data Acquisition record and replay capability, only allowing real-time visualization and control.

Echoscope PIPE® Real-Time XYZ Applications

The PIPE Real-Time XYZ sonars are designed for OEM and System Integrators to embed our technology in their own solution platforms. The data format of the RT XYZ Sonars allows ease of integration with minimal development effort but with the flexibility to use and integrate the real-time data in a variety of industry standard point cloud toolsets. Ideal applications and platforms include.

  • Embedded ROV Sonar package with control for Obstacle Avoidance and perception mapping in real-time
  • AUV Survey Platform for autonomous survey data collection and dynamic target detection
  • Robotic 3D machine control for object identification, navigation control and manipulator and sensor guidance
  • Closed loop autonomous platforms


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