Coda Octopus Products Ltd.


Providing Reliable Data Acquisition Products

We specialize in designing and developing integrated hardware acquisition devices featuring rich post-processing software for all levels of geophysical survey work, such as the GeoSurveyTM software package. For over a decade, our GeoSurvey has been an industry-leading software package on the market for data acquisition and interpretation and provides feature-rich solutions and productivity-enhancing tools for the most exacting survey requirements. Designed specifically for side-scan and sub-bottom data acquisition, GeoSurvey has been purchased by numerous leading survey companies throughout the world.

Coda Geo Hardware


Compact, rugged, and reliable fourth generation of geophysical acquisition systems.

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The DA4G™-USB takes the industry leading digital acquisition and conversion components from the DA4G™ and presents them in a robust and smaller package for analog and digital acquisition.

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Coda Geo Software

Survey Engine® Seismic+

The most productive and intuitive tool for seismic data processing, interpretation, and reporting.

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Survey Engine® Sidescan+

The most productive and intuitive tool for sidescan data processing, interpretation, and reporting.

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Survey Engine® Mosaic+

The most productive and integrated sidescan mosaicking solution for the marine survey industry.

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Survey Engine® Pipeline+

The industry’s standard Pipeline Inspection toolkit for sidescan sonar now available in Survey Engine®.

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Survey Engine® Automatic Object Detection Package ("SEADP")

The Survey Engine® Automatic Object Detection Package (“SEADP”) automatically detects boulders on the sea bed, and generates a comprehensive report on each detected boulder. In addition to the detection of each boulder using AI, the SEADP automatically computes the boulder position, length and height to further automate the vital analysis of the seabed condition, saving time and cost.

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GeoSurvey™ Geokit Sidescan

Industry leading geophysical software package for digital interpretation and reporting from sidescan sonar data.

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GeoSurvey™ Pipeline Inspection

GeoSurvey™ Pipeline Inspection delivers vast time saving potential over conventional methods.

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GeoSurvey™ Mosaic

Delivering very high resolution sidescan sonar mosaic imagery for a variety of geophysical survey projects.

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Geokit on Mosaic

Designed for direct data interpretation on a digital sidescan sonar coverage map.

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