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Echoscope4G® C500 Inspector System

Echoscope4G® C500 Inspector System


The Echoscope4G® C500 Inspector System is a modular, mobile platform designed to make sonar deployment simple and fast.


The Echoscope4G® C500 Inspector System is a modular, mobile platform designed to make sonar deployment simple and fast. The Inspector comprises a lightweight mechanical carrier frame supporting the ISAR rotator and the Echoscope4G C500 Surface sonar. The carrier frame can be suspended from a single lifting point or mounted on a tripod to allow placement on the seabed. A single Integrated Sensor Cable (ISC) connects the ISAR and the C500 sonar to the 3D Connect integrated topside unit for power, control and data. A laptop running USE software completes the suite providing real-time 3D visualization including directional control of the sonar via the ISAR rotator.

The Echoscope4G C500 Inspector System can provide relative positioning and tracking capability for scene awareness and diver 3D point tracking. The C500 Inspector System can also be used to create relative models of the underwater scene prior to dive operations to facilitate a safe, context-rich environment for the diver.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy deployment of the Echoscope4G C500 Sonar System
  • Create relative models of the underwater scene instantly for diver support, evidence recovery, or structural inspection
  • Monitor diver or subsea operations live in camera mode
  • Fully control the sonar during operations by panning the underwater scene
  • Integrate with a subsea positioning system to provide georeferenced data and models
  • Rugged SKID frame allows for easy deployment from quay wall, vessel hull or crane
  • Winch into small, confined areas for survey and monitoring

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