Echoscope PIPE® Real-Time XYZ Series for OEM Software Development and Integration

The new Echoscope PIPE® Real-Time XYZ series sonar has been developed specifically for OEM and system integrators to allow simple integration of our unique real-time volumetric imaging sonars. The large volume of raw angular range data generated by the system in real-time (typically over 655,000 points per second) would normally require local software processing to correct for field of view warping and speed of sound before resolving xyz coordinates for each point. The PIPE® Real-Time XYZ series sonar generates this XYZ data in real-time as part of the beamforming image process output. This implementation allows OEMs and Integrators much quicker time to market with solutions and software applications to use, capture and render the real-time volumetric data.

In addition to the ease of access to the real-time volumetric data, a simplified control-interface is provided for full control of the sonar acoustic, image processing and filtering functions, provide integrators a tightly coupled sensor-based solution.

To further accelerate the integration of the Echoscope PIPE® Real-Time XYZ series sonar, and to ensure optimized performance and control, we now offer the Coda Octopus PIPE® Developers Kit. The Developers Kit provides full documentation and code samples for interfacing at the software level, transferrable to most high-performance languages including C++ and Python and on Windows and Linux operating system platforms.

The Development Kit also provides two critical application tools that allow immediate use of the Echoscope PIPE® Real-Time XYZ series sonar, evaluation and documenting the application use cases and logging of the generated real-time XYZ data for offline processing. These tools, Echoscope PIPE® Real Time XYZ Viewer and Echoscope PIPE® Real Time XYZ Logger are invaluable for overall system solution validation. A summary of the capability provided in these tools is provided below:

Echoscope PIPE® Real Time XYZ Logger

  • A tool to validate XYZ Output Decoding in 3rd Party Bespoke Software 
  • Capture and Log XYZ data in industry standard CSV format
  • Selectable XYZ, Intensity, Ping Number data output options
  • CSV Fully compatible with many XYZ toolsets including Cloud Compare

Echoscope PIPE® Real Time XYZ Viewer

  • View PIPE Real-Time XYZ data
  • Complete control of the Real-Time XYZ Series sonar live
  • Load/Save sonar settings to required JSON file format for ease of implementation in 3rd party bespoke software

Bespoke Customer Developed Software

The Echoscope PIPE Real Time XYZ series can be used with completely custom and bespoke software developed by the OEM or Integrator. However, custom developed software will need to cover all aspects of the sensor integration including Sonar Control, Data Acquisition, sensor and platform positioning integration and final Visual Rendering all live XYZ data as a single solution. The Development Kit tools detailed above may not be used in conjunction with any custom or bespoke software application. Benefits of the Development Kit include:

  • 3rd party custom developed software designed by the customer
  • Full access to Real-Time XYZ data using defined data messaging format
  • Full control over the Real-Time XYZ sonar series using defined command structure.

For more information on the Echoscope PIPE® Real-Time XYZ series, please click here or contact our sales team by clicking here.