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Echoscope® C500

Echoscope® C500


The Echoscope® C-Series. Compact real-time 3D sonar for performance and economy.


The Echoscope C500 forms part of the Echoscope Compact Series (C-Series). The C500 is based on our patented Echoscope technology and delivers real-time 3D sonar capability in a smaller, lighter, ruggedized form factor with reduced power requirements. 

The Echoscope C500 is suitable for ROV and AUV based applications as well as vessel deployments. The unit outputs real-time 3D data at beam widths of 1.1o x 2.1o (375kHz) and 0.6o x 1.2o (610kHz).

Fully integrated with our powerful CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) software, the C500 can be used with the full range of functionality available including the latest Models+ modules allowing dynamic control of sonar augmented 3D models in the 3D workspace. The C500 allows the acquisition of full real-time 3D data in a time efficient manner.

Features & Benefits

  • High definition 3D sonar image generated in real-time
  • Mosaicing capability
  • Displays complex moving structures accurately
  • Accurate even in turbid water
  • Suitable for installation on vessels, ROV, barge or crane
  • Accurate geo-referenced data
  • Versatile DTM output options
  • Very easy to use even by non-sonar experts such as crane operators and law enforcement officers

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