Seamless and Integrated Decision Making Above, Through and Below Waterline

Real Time 3D Imaging Echoscope® and Echoscope® Air LiDAR

Powerful real-time decision making with above, through and below waterline seamless volumetric sensor integration


Coda Octopus is pleased to announce the release of its new above, through and below the waterline capability by combining its real time 3D Echoscope® imaging sonar with its new Echoscope® Air LiDAR Volumetric 3D Cameras as a plug and play solution for many marine applications. The true power of the new Air LiDAR is realized when coupled with any of our world-leading Echoscope® volumetric sonars to provide seamless real-time monitoring, mapping, and inspection, above, through and below the waterline.  
The Air LiDAR can be used independently as an above-water real-time 3D camera that is fully integrated into our software (4G USE®) and shares the same processing, real-time imaging and decision making benefits that has proven the Echoscope® range of sonar systems in a class of their own for many key marine applications
With the introduction and integration of the Air LiDAR, the new technology fusion will bring unprecedented capability to many construction, offshore-renewable, Defense and specialist service provider applications and projects. Simple plug and play integration is provided through our leading 4G USE®, Underwater Survey Explorer (USE), USE PIPE Core and CMS (Construction Monitoring System) software solutions that effortlessly combine the real-time 3D data from above and below the waterline to provide the user a comprehensive view of the entire scene. In addition to the real-time 3D imagery, angular and linear measurements can be made between any data points in the scene, from the Echoscope® sonar, Air LiDAR or any industry standard 2D Chart and 3D Models inserted in the scene in real time. This level of real-time integration allows clear understanding, position and pose of assets being placed or surveyed.
In recent demonstrations and trials held in Port Canaveral, the Air LiDAR was paired with the standard Echoscope PIPE® sonar and the latest Echoscope PIPE® CIVS (Close-In Visualization Sonar) to produce stunning real-time 3D images and measurable datasets live on the vessel with zero post-processing or wait time for decision making which is critical in many applications. Simulation of above, through and below real-time monitoring were also successfully conducted showcasing the capability for true monitoring tasks where control and monitoring of assets being raised from or lowered to the seabed seamlessly are essential.
We see significant benefit and return for many key marine applications including cable and pipelay applications in the offshore renewables sector. Air LiDAR can provide cable catenary launch angle from the lay vessel above the water whilst the Echoscope® sonar provides mid-water and seafloor touch-down point monitoring for example. Similarly, vertical placement of pilings and sheet pile can be monitored with a fused above and below dataset for straightness and tolerance during placement operations and before final commitment. These technologies and methodology are significantly different from a more traditional place, survey and rework approach often relied upon.
Our long-standing support and delivery excellence in the breakwater construction sector takes another leap forward with the introduction of the Air LiDAR by providing block placement and tracking above and below the water line on the berm in additional to critical slope grading survey which can now be conducted by the excavator or wire-crane without need for additional survey vessel and personnel.
The intuitive nature of the Coda Octopus software application solutions allows operators, surveyors and clients access to the same quality real-time decision making and deliverable tools regardless of the marine application. The ease of use and simple integration allow a deploy once and perform many tasks approach to these key applications, using the same personnel and single platform asset.
Some of the Key Benefits include:
  1. Seamless integration with all existing Echoscope® system configurations
  2. Fully support real-time 3D data in Coda Octopus software applications for mapping and real-time moving object monitoring
  3. Available with two models for short-range (up 25m) wide field of view and mid-range (up to 65m) narrow field of view to support different applications
  4. 3D real-time measurable datasets with angular and liner measurements between Air LiDAR and Echoscope® data
  5. Independent of visible light and operable in dusk and dark conditions
Coda Octopus will be demonstrating the new Air LiDAR and showcasing the fused Echoscope PIPE® and Echoscope® Air LiDAR datasets at the upcoming WindEnergy show in Hamburg, Germany between 27 and 30th September 2022 where we will be at Stand 128 at the Ground Floor of Hall B2.
For demonstration data sets or more information please contact us at