3D Touch Controller

Simplified and Independent Control Across Software Suite

Coda Octopus is pleased to announce the introduction of its 3D Touch Controller solution.  The 3D Touch Controller solution is integrated within its software suite of products and brings significant simplification, intuitiveness, and ease of use to operators of Coda Octopus’ real time 3D sonar suite of products and our rotators.

 The 3D Touch Controller solution is particularly effective for repetitive interactive tasks and pre-defined solutions such as cable laying, block placements, bridge inspections etc.   

 Users can now by touch of the 3D Touch Controller operate the sonars and/rotator units independently of the software interface.

The key benefits are:

  1. Simplification of operation of the sonar, rotators, and software.
  2. Immediate Visual indication of status (on/off) and level (Gains and Thresholds) using the illuminated buttons and rotary controls without having to use or be near the software.
  3. Quick access to logical controls on this 3D Touch Controller
  4. Hands free operation of our top end software allowing control of the devices with other software applications running and displayed on the computer system
  5. 3D Touch Controller is completely independent of software state or current use: no need to have appropriate software control windows in focus to use the controls and further allows a second operator to control the sonar and rotator independently of the software processing and visualization tasks.

This capability is integrated and accessible across the range of our software products including our control and visualization software packages:

  • Underwater Survey Explorer (“USE”)
  • Construction Monitoring System Software
  • 4G USE®
  • 4G USE® DAVD Edition.

For more information, please contact sales@codaoctopus.com.