Introducing the PIPE® Sequencer

Single Mission - up to 10 Different Real Time 3D Data Acquisition Sets and 3D Views Automated

Coda Octopus recently launched its new generation of sonars - the Echoscope PIPE® series - which embeds its Parallel Intelligent Processing Engine (“PIPE”) based on advanced multimodal signal processing.  This is the foundation for the PIPE sonar series powerful new ability to generate and visualize from different angles multiple 4D Images in real time (a shift from its previous generation of real-time sonars which allows users to visualize a single 3D underwater image in real time).

In support of this new generation of PIPE sonars, Coda Octopus is delighted to announce the release of its game-changing PIPE® Sequencer, a software module, which brings an unmatched cutting- edge capability to underwater operations by providing multiple 3D imaging and multiple 3D view angles of the 3D images, all in real time. This capability reduces surveying costs and time, reduces the complexity of underwater imaging by using a single sonar for multiple captures at different frequencies etc. and provides increased security through provision for data redundancy.

Sequencer allows users of Echoscope PIPE® sonars to pre-program a sequence of up to ten (10) different real-time 3D acoustic data captures using different acoustic and processing parameters such as frequency, range, pulse length, TVG, transmit and receive gain or sonar processing parameters such as filters, bottom detection methods or sidelobe clip levels.  This gives the user the ability to capture and view in real time up to 10 different 3D datasets, with different capture or processing parameters, all of which can be viewed in real time from different perspectives – thus providing a more comprehensive understanding of underwater targets/structures being imaged and visualized in real time.  The captured data can also be viewed in the 3D Data Window by multiple users – using independent 3D Data Windows.

Figure showing Software Interface (Capture Cards with Sonar Acquisition Parameters)

Sequencer capability removes the requirement for running the same survey line multiple times at different frequencies or for other acoustic parameters. It also removes the need for deploying multiple sonars to go over the same survey line and significantly reduces the risks of collecting poor quality data or missing important information about underwater targets/structures being imaged. This capability is also ideal for autonomous platforms and missions through the ability to pre-program the sonar using multiple capture and processing acoustic parameters.

The ability to acquire 3D Data in real time using different Capture and View parameters such as range, frequency, and processing filters brings a new and powerful capability to real-time 3D underwater imaging – not only does it reduce the time of these operations but, from a single mission, provides multiple 3D data sets using different data collection or processing parameters, each of which can also be used in real time by different users or for different operational requirements. It also removes, in a large number of situations, the need to make decisions around compromise (resolution versus coverage, data density and field of view).

Figure Showing Software Interface (Capture Cards and Capture Views) with 3 (of the 10 available) different 3D Acquisition Sets (315kHz, 560kHz and 630kHz) rendered in a single consolidated 3D View

For more information on the new PIPE® Sequencer from Coda Octopus, please click here to contact our sales team.