Survey Engine® Automatic Object Detection Package (SEADP) Version 2.5

Coda Octopus is pleased to announce the release of Version 2.5 of our Survey Engine® Automatic Object Detection Package (SEADP).

SEADP version 2.5 includes significant enhancements of our Automatic Detection Engine which have been based on customer's feedback. Some of the enhancements include:

  • Inclusion of Offshore Wind Specifications to detect and filter boulders from 5m to 30cm
  • Batch processing functionality 
  • Large file size processing (up to 3GB)
  • Selecting between raw and processed data
  • Enhancements to automatically created measurement lines
  • Producing individual snapshots of boulders either with or without tagged boundaries and either north aligned or survey aligned
  • Filtering boulders by confidence and size (based on the measurement lines)
  • Color coding confidence levels
  • Creating a customizable report

With our recent improvements, the SEADP automatic detection algorithm is now able to detect 5,000 boulders in 5km of data within 5 minutes. We thank our customers who have worked with us on the enhancements and refinements introduced to SEADP. This cooperation with our customers continues to be very important for ensuring this product provides maximum benefits and returns to our users.    

For more information on how to purchase SEADP, please contact a member of our sales team here or using the button below. For full release notes, please contact     

About Survey Engine®

Survey Engine software suite is our sidescan and sub-bottom post-processing, interpretation, QC and reporting package.  We have automated a number of our interpretation processes including Automatic Boulder Detection and Seabed Classification to deliver reduced interpretation times on data sets.

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