3D Multiple Automated Target Tracking (3D MATT)

3D MATT is tightly integrated with and automates many of the real-time 3D imaging Echoscope® tasks common in subsea operations. Using the real-time 3D data, and user specified target of interest options, 3D MATT provides full 3D positional data and status of the Target. When used in conjunction with our rotator family (ISAR or IPT), 3D MATT can also directly control the rotator to maintain the Target in the centre field of view – improving tracking accuracy, data quality and hands-free operation over the Target operating range.

3D MATT has a number of Application Modules and can be used for:

  • Cable Touchdown Point Tracking: For cable laying applications where the Echoscope® can image the cable and seabed in the scene, 3D MATT can be used track and record cable touch down points, removing this monotonous but vital task from the operator’s responsibility, and helping to maintain a safe and steady tension on the cable as the vessel moves. In the latest version of 3D MATT, we have responded to feedback from our customers and added functionality to continue tracking the touch down point, even after the cable is laid on the seabed.
  • Diver Tracking and Support: 3D MATT is also capable of tracking complex targets such as divers, allowing topside personnel to easily monitor diver progress and safety in real-time with full 3D spatial awareness. Compared to USBL and other acoustic beacon technology, the high update rate of 3D MATT with 20Hz positional data is highly appealing for tight control coupled with the Echoscope® providing real-time visual data of the diver and the surrounding scene.
  • Vehicle Target Tracking: 3D MATT is capable of real-time tracking and recording the full 3D path of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV).
  • General Target Tracking: 3D MATT can be used as a general target or object tracker permitting that the Target can be identified in the field of view by the operator initially and can be defined of a certain size and movement speed to assist with the accuracy of tracking.

For more information on 3D MATT please contact: sales@codaoctopus.com