Coda Octopus Exhibiting at Ocean Business

Coda Octopus is excited to announce that it will be exhibiting on stand W60 at this year’s Ocean Business in Southampton from 9-11 April.

We are showcasing our strides into automating subsea applications and will be demonstrating our:

  • 3D MATT (Multiple Automated Target Tracking) which is our new “autonomous tracking technology” for a range of applications including:
    • Autonomous Diver Tracking
    • Autonomous Vehicle Docking Tracking
    • Cable Laying (Touch Down Point Monitoring)
  • SEADP (Survey Engine Automatic Boulder Detection Package)
We will also be showcasing our new range of 4G sonars in their new form factor which include our new sonar for UUVs and ASVs.
At the event, we will be partnering with Briggs Marine to bring our customers live demonstrations of our latest innovation, the Echoscope4G® Series.
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We will also demonstrate the capabilities of our Survey Engine® geophysical interpretation suite of software, including our recently released Survey Engine Automatic Object Detection Package (SEADP) based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing techniques.
We are dedicated to providing best of breed technology for a wide range of customers in underwater operations, and offer state-of-the-art solutions to improve the productivity and safety of key applications such as cable and pipe laying, subsea inspection, and diver monitoring.

With our latest real-time 3D imaging sonar developments we have completed many recent successful projects in these markets including a number of research and development projects with the core US Navy bodies including NAVSEA, NUWC and NSWC.
At Ocean Business, customers will be able to see all of our latest key innovations in automated solutions, including:
  • The 3D Multiple Automated Target Tracking (3D MATT) software application, a real-time multiple target tracker using full three dimensional data from our flagship real-time 3D volumetric sonar technology, Echoscope®. This technology has many benefits and applications including Diver, ROV and AUV tracking as well as cable TDP and construction installation tasks commonly utilizing acoustic positioning.
  • The Echoscope4G® Series is our lightest, smallest, and most cost effective sonar solution to date. Our deep water variants, the Echoscope4G® and the Echsocope4G® C500, offer the same real-time, high resolution visualization as the previous model. The Echoscope4G® Surface and the Echoscope4G® C500 Surface variants represent our shallow water systems, for depths down to 20m, offering, as with all Echoscopes®, flexible deployment options, including on autonomous vehicles. In addition, all variants can benefit from an optional Performance Pack extension supporting 20Hz update rate and interleaved dual-frequency ping mode (“ping-pong”).
  • Our new Construction Monitoring Virtual Trainer (CMS VT) which ensures all personnel involved in block placement and positioning using our CMS application are sufficiently trained prior to arrival on the breakwater site. This initial solution is built on our core simulation engine allowing virtual Echoscope® 3D volumetric data to be generated in real-time.
  • Survey Engine® Automatic Object Detection Package (SEADP) is our recently launched product based on Artificial Intelligence processing techniques which automatically identifies boulders and which we are now extending into seabed classification capability for mines and MLO (mine like objects).
Please register for a demonstration or visit our stand at Ocean Business this year to discuss how a Coda Octopus solution can benefit your project. You can also visit our website or contact our sales department for more information.