Coda Octopus’ Patented Real-time 3D Sonar Technology Assessed as the Best Sonar Imaging Technology for Bridge Inspections by U.S. Department of Transportation

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Coda Octopus today announced that its proprietary real-time 3D Echoscope® was identified by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) as the best choice of sonar for underwater bridge inspections. The Echoscope is the world’s only real-time 3D volumetric sonar capable of visualizing dynamic operations and static, complex structures in real-time and in 3D.

The FHWA’s extensive study, “Underwater Inspection of Bridge Substructures Using Imaging Technology,” rated the Echoscope as the most accurate, highest resolution, most capable at vertical surface imaging sonar with the lowest time required for post-processing.

The Echoscope has been utilized for subsea bridge inspections for a number of years, saving state highway authorities’ valuable time and resources on costly inspection projects. We are actively involved in supporting inspections of varying depths, criteria, and visibility conditions, including bridge inspections in and around New York City’s critical infrastructure as recently as two weeks ago.

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