CodaOctopus releases Dynamic Position Controller for USE™

CodaOctopus Products releases the new Dynamic Position Decoder/Controller module for Underwater Survey Explorer™ (USE™).

Developed in conjunction with leading position-controller manufacturers, this module allows a pan and tilt unit to be used to move the orientation of the Echoscope® and to be controlled seamlessly and directly from within the USE™ application. As such there is no need to have a second computer or software package running. This simplifies operations and ensures optimum accuracy and movement control while allowing the user to use the Echoscope® to full effect.

Additionally, the module precisely compensates for any motion in real time (both for the change in angular offsets, and also for the change in lever arm position induced by the rotation) allowing the pan and tilt head to be used in a dynamic environment while still maintaining precisely calibrated offsets to positioning and motion sensors.

Compatibility with leading pan and tilt units as well as the capability to add bespoke custom configurations for specific installation requirements have been designed into this product enhancement.

To find out how the new Dynamic Position Decoder/Controller module can enhance your Echoscope® operations please contact Rob Carsley, Commercial Director.