New Models+™ for Underwater Survey Explorer™ (USE™)

CodaOctopus has added new functionality to USE™, the software that accompanies the Echoscope® 3D real time sonar. Models+™ is a new module that adds the ability to view multiple AutoCAD DXF™ files in the 3D world. This feature allows the user to add context to the 3D scene and allows the ROV pilot or vessel to navigate to the point of interest using the USE™ display alone. In the case of a subsea construction application, the DXF™ files could contain the target seafloor locations for assets that are to be deployed. The user can visualize in real time the position and orientation of the suspended asset to target seafloor location.

In addition, Models+™ now supports batch import of multiple 3D models in a single operation. Each model can be assigned its own position and orientation before input, and models can be ‘animated’ in real time by assigning to independent external sources. For example, if the Echoscope® is viewing a subsea excavator at work, then a model of the excavator can be super-imposed onto the 3D scene and animated by assigning it to an appropriate navigation data input.

Please contact our Sales team to find out more about how Models+™ can enhance your Echoscope® operations.