Coda Octopus Products opens for business in Australia

Coda Octopus Group, Inc. announces today that it has established a new company in Perth, Western Australia: Coda Octopus Products Pty Limited (COPTY) and that it is in the process of operationalizing this office.

This new office will be a sales, distribution and support office serving in the first year Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore and providing customer support for their projects in the regions stated.  

Mr. Robert Carsley, who has been with the Company since 1997, has been appointed as CEO of this newly formed Company, COPTY.  Mr. Robert Carsley who joined Coda Octopus Products Limited in a development role has 17 years of experience of developing our GEO and MOTION Range.  In 2013 Mr. Carsley was appointed as Commercial Director of Coda Octopus Products Limited.  He is already in post and will be on the ground in Perth at the end of this month.

Annmarie Gayle, Group CEO said "[t]his move follows a number of very interesting projects in the oil and gas and marine salvage sectors undertaken in the region over the last few months where our real time 3D sonar, Echoscope® has brought significant operational and safety benefits for customers in the frequently turbid waters around Australia".

It has become increasingly clear that our customers require our expertise in adopting our cutting edge technology, the Echoscope® and also our newly launched derivative real time 3D product for ROV navigation, the Dimension® (which operates with our proprietary software, "CodaOctopus Vantage"). Given the time zone differences, in the past it has not always been possible to be on hand to meet our customers' needs.   In keeping with our philosophy to provide unrivalled support to our customers we have taken the decision to open up our Perth operations. This will help us to be more responsive to our customers in that region and also to bring in a more systematic manner our 3D technology to that region.

Robert Carsley, CEO of Coda Octopus Products Pty Ltd said "I am very excited about this new challenge and determined to build an effective team in the region over the next few months that is highly skilled with good local expertise around Coda Octopus' superb range of products. Whether the application be oil and gas, marine construction, dredging, geophysical survey or hydrographic survey, in short order we will have equipment and personnel on-site locally for fast commissioning on customer projects whenever the need arises. We will also be able to provide immediate after sales support where required."