Simultaneous Analog and Digital Sensor Acquisition with DA4G™

Coda Octopus is delighted to announce the launch of simultaneous analog and digital acquisition for the DA4G™ sonar acquisition platform. Building on the successful launch of the CodaOctopus DA4G, simultaneous seismic and side-scan sensors are supported and up to 8 sonar channels can be acquired, displayed, processed and recorded.  In addition, separate independent navigation inputs can be assigned to each sensor.

All data can be interpreted, reported and mosaicked using our powerful and easy-to-use Survey Engine® sonar data processing software.

These features are included in all new DA4G™ purchases. They are also available as upgrades to existing owner of DA4G™ (term and conditions apply). The simultaneous analogue and digital acquisition upgrade allows greater integration and flexibility for your geophysical survey deployment.


  • Simultaneous analog and digital sensor acquisition
  • 8 channel acquisition supported
  • Independent navigation inputs

Supported Sonars

  • Any analog seismic, sub-bottom profiler or side-scan sonar.  Up to two simultaneous independent analog triggers
  • Edgetech 4100, 4200, 4300 series
  • Klein 3000, 3900, 5000 series
  • Geoacoustics DSSS and Chirp SBP
  • SES Multi Link
  • Benthos SIS 1000, 1500, 160xx, 3000
  • Reson 81xx Side-scan back scatter
  • Atlas Side-scan scatter

For further information and pricing, please contact our sales team