Survey Engine® V 5.3 New Release

Based on 25 years’ experience of delivering high quality geophysical survey software, Coda Octopus continues to provide innovation in this area.  We are pleased to announce the release of Version 5.3 of Survey Engine® software package. 

Our latest Version is focussed on efficiency gains and as such we have introduced a number of new features which are designed to reduce interpretation and processing time.  Some of the new features included in this release are:

Workflow Functionality (Large Project Management): this functionality allows the user to maintain an accurate status of the processing of the survey line data and for this to be visualized within the Survey Engine data explorer window. The workflow information can be viewed, either on an individual line or project summary basis, providing an instantaneous project progress snapshot. In addition this data can be exported to allow simple project workflow progress to be included for external project reporting.

Enhanced Interpretation on the Survey Explorer Chart Window: interpretation of sidescan data can be performed directly on the mosaic with all interpretation still directly linked and visible in the individual lines’ Waterfall windows.

Enhanced Interpretation on the Survey Explorer Chart Window (2): associated interpretation measures (“forced measures”) are also now available in the Survey Explorer Chart Window.

Restore Seabed shape: this functionality has been enhanced and improved to allow full visualization of the seabed in the windows display. As a result of this enhancement, the bitmap image generated now includes the full ping as one large bitmap.

Mosaic Colour: it is now possible to change the colour scheme of the mosaic on the Survey Explorer data window (sidescan only) to maintain consistency within the entire project. The colour scheme is also saved as part of the project definition.

 Object size identification: the size of objects can now be quickly identified in the Survey Explorer Window through the use of a new scale bar feature. Features can be dragged under the scale bar to determine the approximate size of the object thus providing a quick alternative method to drawing measures on an object to determine its relevance.

Extended Sonar Data Properties reporting: new project reporting functionality includes the Sonar Data Properties field for a chosen line. This allows specific comments about a given line to be added to the regular management report.

Extended Project Reporting: new functionality now allows loading previously saved settings in the output tab. This addition not only speeds up this process but also allows easy standardized reporting functionality across the reporting group.

This version also includes general maintenance and fixes.  If you like details of the specific maintenance and fixes, please contact Coda Octopus Support.

Survey Engine® V5.3 is available immediately for download for our existing Survey Engine® V5 users. For our Survey Engine® V3 and V4 users we are pleased to offer a 15 day unlimited trial of the new software.

If you require further information on our product range, please contact