Research and Academic Licensing Program

Coda Octopus collaborates with Universities, Colleges and Research institutions around the World

Coda Octopus Products is a “spin off” from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, by four PhD Graduates. Its first endeavour was to digitise and process side scan sonar data which resulted in the introduction to the market of our Geophysical software suite of products, later to become an Industry standard. As such Coda Octopus has deep roots in academia and research. We have continued this tradition by having extensive collaborative relationships with Academic and Research Institutes worldwide.

Coda Octopus’ Real-Time 3D Sonars are patented with Patents including, but not limited to, both “A Method for Producing a 3D Image in Zero Visibility Conditions” and “A Method of volumetric rendering of three dimensional sonar data sets”.  We also have patented software which embeds, amongst other things, tracking algorithms and models.

To formalize our collaboration with Academic and Research Institutes we are offering a Licensing Program tailored to Colleges, Universities and Research institutes. The program provides cost-effective access for researchers, lecturers and students to our state-of-the-art real-time 3D imaging hardware and software technology for subsea operations. Centred on our unique Echoscope® technology, the world’s only high resolution real-time 3D imaging sonar, the program provides the sonar hardware and the powerful visualization and processing software applications Underwater Survey Explorer and Vantage.

This real-time 3D technology is being used subsea for a myriad of applications including real-time imaging of dynamic operations such as cable laying, asset placement, obstacle avoidance, ROV navigation, and subsea construction. Its many benefits include increasing the efficiency, accuracy and safety of the operations.

Applicable to our 3D family of sonars

Our Research and Academic Licensing Program is applicable to our 3D family of sonars: The Echoscope®, its smaller and ruggedized version the C500, and Dimension®, which was especially designed for the ROV market.

In addition, we offer a powerful and highly competitive product line of modular GEO software, MOTION positioning and navigation packages each of which can be combined with the real-time 3D family of sonars.


For further details on how we can tailor a suitable educational licensing program for your needs, please contact Theresa Esser at Coda Octopus.