Real-time 3D Echoscope for port and harbour inspections

Critical marine infrastructure, like Ports and Harbours, require to be constantly monitored for maintenance and security purposes. Given the large area to be covered, any solution needs to be easily deployed, while providing clear and unambiguous information below the waterline scene.
Our real-time 3D Echoscope® sonar is the latest technology to conduct rapid and reliable inspections in port to fulfill the port and harbour security requirements.


The Echoscope® is a patented real-time 3D sonar system for underwater inspection applications including port and harbour construction, maritime security, route clearance surveys, evidence recovery, and search & rescue, that allows you to visualize your underwater environment in real-time 3D. The Echoscope® is the world’s only real-time 3D rapid inspection and mapping solution. The Echoscope® runs the CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer software which includes many powerful features such as real-time measurements and the Baseline Comparison Module that enables an operator to compare a current survey to a baseline survey to easily identify any changes.

Rental and consultancy solutions

The Echoscope is also available through our rental service. We can provide expert operators who can conduct training, and assist in mobilisation of equipment. Or we can take care of your inspection requirements from start to finish through our consultancy services.

State of the art technology

To conclude, in your Echoscope® you own state of the art technology to allow you minimizing threats and incidents in your underwater environment. Depending on range/angle the Echoscope® can identify an object as small as a golf ball. The San Francisco Police Department, for example, used the real-time 3D Echoscope® sonar to detect a handgun in low visibility conditions (link to the news article).

These video examples show how our Echoscope® performs in analysing near-shore and harbour complex scenes in real-time and with no post-processing required:


To find out more about how Coda Octopus can help you embedding the Echoscope® in your day-to-day operations, please contact