Coda Octopus releases its new Real-Time 3D Cloud Module

Based on 25 years’ experience of delivering high quality, patented real-time 3D sonars and cutting-edge software, Coda Octopus continues to provide innovation in this area which provides unrivalled benefit to our customers and users of our patented technology.

In this connection, we are pleased to announce the release of our Real-Time 3D Cloud Module.

This Module comprises an upgrade to the firmware capabilities of the Echoscope® as well as an additional real-time software module that allows the generation of real-time beamformed XYZ data for critical third party decision making applications. AUV and other vehicle based platforms can instantly benefit from the unparalleled volumetric real-time 3D data from the Echoscope® as a fully integral part of the active payload for real-time applications such as object avoidance and detection, pipeline or cable route tracking and other tasks of a real-time nature.

This Module enables computed XYZ data and, optionally intensity data, to be broadcast to other networked systems whilst simultaneously acquiring live data from our sonars in our standard format for post-mission playback in our Underwater Survey Explorer software. The module can be easily configured to compute and output either relative local coordinates or using the platforms navigation systems, absolute global coordinates for each of the 16,384 beams in every ping.

To assist further in application integration testing, the real-time output can be captured to a file instead of a network broadcast, allowing repeated simulations of missions to be performed in a lab.

This exciting new capability provides a fantastic opportunity for systems integrators and existing Echoscope®, C500 and Dimension owners and/or users to build specific task oriented processes around the volumetric 3D imaging data provided. End user software integration is made straightforward by the use of base XYZ and, optionally intensity data, and should allow developers to quickly and easily get Echoscope® data integrated into their systems.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) have evolved in the last few years from a developing technology to a viable and established part of operations in various marine sectors. There has also been substantial interest from oil & gas companies in the technology, as operators have begun to understand cost saving potentials compared to conventional ROV based technology (1).

Coda Octopus has a long history of integrating their 3D sensors onto AUV platforms. With in-house knowledge and know-how, we are able to work with either the operator or vehicle manufacturer to ensure the optimum integrated solution is provided, whatever the application.

Our Real-time 3D sonar technology has significant advantages over conventional sonars for AUV operation as each volumetric ‘ping’ contains over 16,000 pieces of information. Therefore, more valuable information is captured for each and every ping, with up to 12 pings per second being transmitted. The data is captured at different and variable geometries, giving greater coverage around complex structures, hence greater data density for higher levels of assurance, making the best use of valuable AUV flying time.


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