New Flexible Terms for using our subsea Breakwater Construction Package

Our subsea Marine Breakwater Package is enhancing productivity, safety and quality control aspects of breakwater constructions whilst increasing operations to 24/7.

This solution which uses subsea real time 3D sonar visualization technology combined with clever and intuitive top end proprietary software (Construction Monitoring Software (“CMS”)) embedding patented algorithms for tracking blocks into position, is increasingly becoming the market standard for breakwater construction.

CMS has management reporting capabilities and includes significant features which cover the whole spectrum of the breakwater construction from pre-lay design to post-lay survey and inspection. Our combined solution will always work in zero or low visibility conditions, and has distinct advantages including aiding accurate block positioning, full visualization of blocks and ability to draw comparison between  neighbouring blocks. These leading features enable increased productivity and enhanced safety through either aiding the diver or removing all together the diver where the context permits.  

Our Breakwater Package is now available for Licensing. This Licensing package is a turn-key solution and also includes full training and support for the duration of the Project. This Licensing Package gives users flexibility and allows the package to be used on multiple breakwater projects. Terms and Conditions apply.

If you would like to understand more about our Licensing Model for Breakwater Projects please contact  quoting Breakwater Licensing Package as a reference.