CodaOctopus Underwater Survey Explorer - Version 7

The latest 7th Generation release of the highly innovative Underwater Survey Explorer for our range of 3D Real-Time sonars (Echoscope®, C500 and Echoscope® XD) has been developed specifically to provide significant productivity and result processing capability.

Real-Time Measurement Management and Reporting

Designed and developed directly from our extensive project experience in renewables and construction, this feature adds comprehensive and simple live tagging with full editing, classification and reporting with integration support for 3rd party navigation and planning systems. This particular feature increases productivity significantly for applications such as touch down monitoring tagging where measurements are continuously being made on the live data.

3D Beam Editing and Image Processing

The all new 3D Beam Editing and Image Processing features take our renowned 3D visualization to the next level providing extensive and detailed data deliverables easily. Users can easily perform non-destructive beam editing on the raw data to remove unwanted features, noise or environmental features for accurate 3D outputs. Multiple 3D mosaic clips can be created from the same raw data easily; different beam editing can be applied to each mosaic allowing the user to generate deliverables with only the required features enhanced.

Pre-view release of the CodaOctopus® Volumetric Rendering Engine

This version also includes our first pre-view release of the CodaOctopus® Volumetric Rendering Engine. The Volumetric Rendering Engine is a significant technology breakthrough for sonar data as it provides the capability for the unique volumetric Echoscope® data to be rendered as a textured volumetric model with much higher resolution than normal and more efficient memory storage. The technology draws from applications in the medical imaging and video gaming industry as an alternative means to represent complex high resolution 3D data. The 3D Volumetric Models created can also be shared with other non-Underwater Survey Explorer users using the accompanying 3D Survey Viewer application.  For users wanting to access the CodaOctopus® Volumetric Rendering Engine they will need to have USE PRO, Models+ and Exporting.

Version 7 - Available immediately

Version 7 introduces support for the latest cutting edge developments in the 3D family including the recently launched Echoscope® XD real-time wide angle 3D sonar and the Time Synchronization update to our Coda Octopus 3D Positioners (IPT and ISAR) providing full time synchronization between GPS, the Echoscope® and the dynamic positioning data.

Version 7 also includes general maintenance and performance improvements.


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