Coda Octopus Products Ltd. has moved

Full location details 

Coda Octopus Products Ltd. are delighted to announce that it has consolidated and expanded its Edinburgh facilities. The new facility will enhance our product delivery and service provision by co-locating all business functions within a single, integrated location and through the extension of our on-site capabilities.

Our co-located key business functions are: R&D, Manufacturing & Production, Technical Support, Sales & Marketing, Software Development and Business Solutions Advisors.

Our extended on-site capabilities include:

  • 3000m Hydrostatic Pressure Test Chamber
  • Acoustic Transducer Design and Production (including acoustic transducer beam plot and TVR testing)
  • R&D Acoustic Test Tank
  • Production Acoustic Test Tank
  • Client Training and Product Demonstration Facility

We welcome all enquiries with respect to both our products and our extended service and test capabilities. Please contact

Please update your systems to our new address:

Coda Octopus Products Ltd.
38 South Gyle Crescent
South Gyle Business Park
Edinburgh, EH12 9EB
United Kingdom