Announcing the New Echoscope4G® Surface for Shallow Water Applications

The Echoscope Surface 

Coda Octopus is delighted to announce the release of the Echoscope4G® Surface. The Echoscope4G® Surface is the first product in our new 4th generation real-time 3D sonar line-up, and is a major step forward for our technology offering a package which is 50% lighter40% smaller with a 30% lower power requirement.

Further reducing the strains on operators, this sonar requires less tuning than other Echoscope® models, and offers a better plug-and-play solution. Following the feedback from our customers and a clear understanding of the key applications and environments in which they use our unique technology – the Surface enters a new distinct market space for shallow water system operation.

The benfits of this lighter, smaller Surface system for small operating platforms are extensive, all without comprimising on the image fidelity, performance or capability. This makes the system an ideal tool for breakwater construction, port security, costruction and underwater inspection tasks.

The Surface is offered in three different frequencies and opening angles, and is configurable dependent on the customer's requirements.​​

The Echoscope4G® Surface uses the same proprietary technology to generate real-time 3D images and mapping as the larger Echoscope®, and is operated using the same familiar topsides Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) and Construction Monitoring Software (CMS). It remains also fully compatible with all of our existing 3D hardware products and accessories such as dual and single axis rotators, power supply units and mounting poles.

To find out more about the Echoscope Surface, please visit our website or contact us via