Coda Octopus Reports Use of the Echoscope for Dam Structural Inspection

Coda Octopus has had a number of successes in conducting subsea structural assessments including the recent inspection of two high priority river dams in Australia. The Echoscope® was used successfully in the large survey area to capture structural, sedimentary, and depth data showing even small details in the highest resolution and without post-processing.

Even in zero visibility conditions, the Echoscope real-time 3D range of sonars provides high resolution and highly detailed images. Using this live feed of the subsea terrain, the Echoscope® XD allows the operator to stop the vessel and take live measurements from the submerged environment. The Echoscope XD provides inspection teams with the widest angle imaging and mapping capabilities of the Echoscope sonar family, with a 90ºx44º horizontal or vertical coverage, reducing the inspection time required on the vessel. Using the multi frequency capability, the user is able to capture a much wider swath of data at the lower frequency, then switch to a higher resolution with the higher frequency enabling higher resolution data to be captured.

With our latest version of Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) software, the real-time acquisition of data and the production of volume rendered models allows inspection teams to inspect minor faults in the integrity of subsea structures, like dams. Complete with our fully integrated, repeatable hydrographic pole, our F185 GNSS aided inertial attitude and positioning system and our Quick Release Integrated Single Axis Rotator system, the whole inspection assembly, securely attached to a designated survey vessel utilizing our Vessel of Opportunity (VOOP) mounting kit, allows operators to conduct rapid assessments when shortened timescales are necessary.

This dynamic, real-time ability provided the inspection team with a fast, accurate inspection system, enabling efficient completion of the project well within the required timescales. This is one of many projects which effectively demonstrates the ability of the Coda Octopus real-time 3D sonars to be used for fast, accurate underwater structural inspections of dams, rivers, quays, harbours and ports. Providing real-time and accurate images of such important structures allows project managers to make safer and cost-saving real-time decisions that can have pronounced effects on their businesses.

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