New Release- Survey Engine® Version 5.6

New Release- Survey Engine® Version 5.6

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 5.6 of our Survey Engine® software package.

Survey Engine® 5.6 is now been upgraded from a 32-bit application architecture to a 64 bit application architecture, allowing this integrated suite of geophysical data interpretation software to access larger amounts of memory and handle larger datasets. Users processing data sets from large-scale subsea surveys will see gains in productivity and fewer import restrictions.

This release also includes important performance improvements to Version 5.5, such as improved XTF export for bipolar data, a 33% increase in drawing and re-drawing mosaic efficiency, and other routine maintenance fixes. For full release notes, please contact

All users are encouraged to upgrade to this latest release as it includes general performance improvements which will be beneficial.

This is available free of charge to existing TEAM members who are Version 5 users.

For those users who do not have a current TEAM subscription or require further details, please contact