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CodaOctopus® Vantage

CodaOctopus® Vantage


Vantage offers unique online capabilities to an ROV pilot over conventional and older scanning or multibeam packages.


For use with our range of real-time 3D volumetric sonars, the CodaOctopus® Vantage software suite offers a whole new online visualization experience for ROV pilots. With a unique quad-view, the ROV operator has a number of user-selectable displays from which to navigate the ROV with. Designed with ease of use in mind, the Vantage software combines the conventional “plan view”, commonly provided by scanning sonars, with three additional and separate real-time perspectives of the subsea environment.

An interactive 3D view enables the ROV pilot to change the viewing perspective of the 3D data in order to better understand the current underwater scene. Within the interactive display, the pilot can also zoom in and out and pan the display up and down.

The “forward-looking” view provides a real-time display from the direction the real-time 3D sonar is pointing. Normally this will be in the direction the ROV is pointing, thus this display supplies a real-time 3D perspective akin to the pilot sitting inside the ROV and looking out.

The interactive 2D “profile view” displays a slice of data to the pilot so he can determine the terrain topography or structural shape in front of the sonar. The profile view is connected to the “plan view” by a user-selectable sliding bar which can span the displayed profile within the across-track limits of the sonar range.

CodaOctopus® Vantage software has a number of editions to meet whatever requirement an ROV pilot may have. Specifically designed for ROV operations in mind, the Vantage software provides the latest in real-time 3D piloting and obstacle avoidance software.

Features & Benefits

  • Vantage™ Software for control, acquisition and easy to interpret imagery
  • Real-time independent views (Interactive 3D, 2D Plan and 2D Profile)
  • Live broadcast to multiple end users
  • Accurate 3D measurements on all data, including 2D plan view

Choose a Product that Fits Your Needs

Vantage™ Standard

Real time 3D and 2D data visualization
Fully integrated multi-track project management system
Event Support
Target Support
Measurement Support
Named Sonar Settings
Full Configurable Workspace
Single-click Sonar Connection
Customizable Data Views

Vantage™ Professional

Includes Vantage™ Standard features plus Navigation Data Support and Broadcast Live Data

Round-the-Clock Support

Dedicated to enhanced customer service and support, TEAM members access a range of benefits alongside unsurpassed 24x7 technical support. Additionally, Coda Octopus offers on-site training for the products and Through Life Support for extended support that goes beyond regular service level support and warranties.

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