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CodaOctopus® Construction Monitoring Software (CMS)

CodaOctopus® Construction Monitoring Software (CMS)


Real-time monitoring and recording during breakwater construction.


The software includes the ability to simplify block position placement, automatically track block position/orientation, and record position/orientation for easy project management. Combining this with the Echoscope® capability to perform detailed pre- and post-lay survey results in the Echoscope® and CodaOctopus® Construction Monitoring Software (CMS) combination provide unrivalled breakwater construction capabilities.

The software includes advanced features which enable blocks of different types and sizes to be automatically tracked from the real-time 3D Echoscope® data. A 3D model of the berm design can be imported into the software for increased accuracy of placement and ease and speed of operation. The advanced features extend across the project enabling pre-lay survey of the berm and as-laid blocks, assisting real-time block placement and recording as laid position of each block for end-to-end management of the project.

The pre-lay target position can be imported into the software and a target bullseye for each planned block position created, giving the operator a clear easy to use guide to accurately planned block position in X,Y, and Z space.

The system is fully extensible and is currently certified for Accropode™, Accropode™ II and XBloc® construction blocks and variants of the system have been used on a large number of breakwater projects around the world. If required, the software can easily incorporate different types of breakwater construction blocks, giving the operator a single tool for complete management of the breakwater construction project

Features & Benefits

  • 3D Automatic Tracking
  • Real-time 3D Visualization
  • 3D Automatic Recording
  • Integrated Pan & Tilt / Single Axis Rotator
  • Construction Workflow Management

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