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The offshore renewable sector faces numerous challenges throughout the lifecycle of planning to operating and maintaining a renewable energy source. 

From the early site investigation phase our GEO range of products provides reliable recording of Geophysical data using our 4th generation, DA4G™, range of acquisition devices.  The DA4G™ has over 15 years of development pedigree working on-line, 24x7, to ensure data capture is completed with no downtime.  

Thereafter, the handling of large Geophysical data volumes for quick interpretation is easily done through our Survey Engine and GeoSurvey™ suite of software products. 

Real time monitoring of umbilical cable pull-ins to the J-Tube on offshore windfarm monopiles has been successfully achieved on several sites around the UK and Europe using the Echoscope® sonar and CodaOctopus® USE software. With the ability to immediately see cable location, cable catenary and position relative to the J-Tube, it has allowed installation contractors the ability to work effectively during the precious periods of slack tide. 

Alongside cable pull-in, the Echoscope® sonar has monitored trenching and rock-dumping operations around numerous windfarm sites. Moreover, using the Echoscope® and CodaOctopus® USE software for cable laying operations has seen a reported doubling of productivity. 

So, for the myriad of tasks surrounding offshore windfarm installation and cable laying projects, Coda Octopus has been at the forefront supplying products to increase productivity and workflow.

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