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Over the last five years Coda Octopus have been involved in numerous high-profile marine construction projects worldwide. From the port extension project in Rotterdam, to breakwater construction projects in Poland, Qatar, Australia and the Middle East, Coda Octopus have gained a unique insight into how advanced technology can provide time-saving and increased safety benefits to large marine construction projects. 

From our work with armouring of breakwaters using single layer concrete blocks, such as ACCROPODE™ units, X-Blocs™ and the like, we have developed an on-line tracking module, called CodaOctopus® Construction Monitoring Software which allows the crane operator to view a computer module of an armouring block that is suspended in the water column. The complexity of building this underwater 3D jigsaw puzzle is unravelled as the operator is able to see using our real-time sonar, the Echoscope® with CodaOctopus® USE PRO software, how each block is being positioned and orientated against its neighbours. 

Through the use of CodaOctopus® USE PRO software with the Codaoctopus® CMS module, the operator, provided additional positioning and heading sensors are in place, is able to build up a complete database showing the as-laid nature of the single layer armouring of the breakwater. 

Increased productivity through the time saving benefits of this approach have been proven, while reducing diver time in the water beside these heavy and cumbersome blocks has led to increased safety levels on-site. 

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