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Acoustic Transducer Design and Production

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/Acoustic Transducer Design and Production

As part of our extensive 3D sonar development expertise, Coda Octopus Products have in-house design and production capabilities for acoustic transducers.

We offer these services for the bespoke development of transducers and have particular expertise in the use of piezocomposite materials.

As part of our new production facility we support the full lifecycle of transducer development including an on-site Acoustic Test Tank for test and qualification of transducer performance.


  • Transducer Design
  • Grinding and Dicing
  • Mechanical Design
  • Encapsulation
  • Acoustic performance testing (inc. beamplot and TVR)
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

We welcome all enquiries with respect to this service. Please contact sales@codaoctopus.com

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