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/Vantage ROV Navigation Software now paired with Echoscope Sonar


Coda Octopus announces the Vantage ROV visualization and navigation software can now be used with all existing and new 3D sonars in the Coda Octopus family, the Echoscope 1000, the Echoscope C500 and Dimension.

The addition of the Vantage software capability gives exisiting and new Echoscope owners a greater range of software options. They can now choose between Vantage or Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) depending on the requirements for the task in hand. Typically Vantage will offer more utility for the ROV pilot, while USE offers more survey capability for pole mounted and ROV applications.

The Echoscope/Vantage package has recently been deployed on a major multiple flow-line installation project. The Echoscope was mounted on a work-class ROV and the Vantage software used to monitor in real-time 3D the flow-line touch-down point irrespective of the water visibility conditions which were extremely poor for part of the operation.

The use of the Echoscope/Vantage combination saved both the operator and the end client many hours of downtime on the project.

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