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/Underwater Survey Explorer Version 6.5 and new DIU Module – New Release

We continue to enhance our real time 3D sonar software package, Underwater Survey Explorer (“USE”).

This Release includes a number of significant new features along with general maintenance fixes. Our Customers who have a valid TEAM subscription can download this Version from here. Otherwise please contact us at sales@codaoctopus.com.

Examples of some of the new features in this Version 6.5 are:

Multiple Sonar Synchronization (MSS Feature)

The MSS Feature enables multiple real time 3D sonars to be deployed concurrently even in close proximity without cross-talk affecting the sonars. This is achieved by providing the ability to synchronize the transmit clocks. The MSS Feature therefore enables different perspectives of the subsea features to be viewed simultaneously by multiple sonars each from an independent USE Application. 

This MSS Feature has been driven by the demands from our customers to simultaneously deploy multiple real time 3D sonars for complex tasks.

More recently UTEC Survey deployed as many as 4 Echoscopes® on a monopod LNG installation platform and a 16nm 10 ” LNG pipeline in the Cook Inlet, Alaska.  The MSS Feature was successfully used on this Project. We will be demonstrating this feature at Oceanology International 2016.

Dynamic Depth Clipping of the 3D scene (DDC Tool)

This DDC Tool is a new feature that allows the sonar data in the 3D view to be cropped at fixed offsets relative to the current vehicle depth. For ROV deployments, this makes it easier to see only those features that are in a certain depth proximity to your vehicle.
If you would like details of the specific maintenance fixes, please contact Coda Octopus Support.


Echoscope® DIU Modules 2016.50 - New Release

We are also pleased to announce the latest update to its Echoscope® DIU Modules software to version 2016.50.

Who should use this:

This release is only for customers working with Underwater Survey Explorer 6.4 or Construction Monitor System 2.1 or later.

This Release includes support for the Multi Sonar Synchronisation feature described above by introducing the Echoscope® Sync Tool. It also includes general maintenance fixes. If you would like details of the specific fixes, please contact Coda Octopus Support.

If you require further information on our real-time 3D please contact sales@codaoctopus.com.

CodaOctopus®, Echoscope® (Reg. US. Pat & TM Off) and CodaOctopus Underwater Survey Explorer are trademarks of Coda Octopus

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