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/Survey Engine® V 5.2 New Release

Coda Octopus are delighted to announce the latest release of its Geophysical Survey Post-processing software, Survey Engine® Version 5.2.

This latest release adds significant new features to our Seismic+ software, including:

  • the ability to view Seismic data interpretation in a 3D fence diagram,
  • the ability to export processed data in XTF format from any of the Survey Engine® modules (Mosaic+, Sidescan+, Seismic+ and Pipeline+)

This also includes general fixes, more information can be provided on request.

3D Visualisation of Seismic data interpretation

This key new feature for seismic data processing draws on our years of 3D visualisation experience to offer enhanced functionality for geophysical processing. The feature is a two-way fully referential exchange between the 3D and 2D windows, and enables tags which are picked to be shown in the 2D, 3D and GIS views for seamless analysis. Seismic data interpretation is completed in the 2D window, and can then be viewed in a 3D fence window.

The ability to interpret data in the 2D window, and then instantly visualise these in the 3D window, grants full context 3D horizon production, and thereby allows quick and accurate assessment of any mis-ties at crossing points. This reduces processing and QC times, resulting in more accurate interpretation and reporting and is a significant step forward in seismic data interpretation.

XTF Data Format Export

Survey Engine® now supports export from all modules in the widely used XTF data format as well as the existing native Coda and SEGY formats.

This additional feature further enhances and increases the usability of the Survey Engine® platform ensuring the software can export in the most commonly used data formats.

Survey Engine®

Survey Engine® is a combined suite of modules (Mosaic+Sidescan+,Seismic+ and Pipeline+) which offers a modern interface with fast and accurate data interpretation and reporting for geophysical survey data.

This software package is easy to use, comprehensive and competitively priced, and designed to efficiently process high volume sidescan and seismic data sets.

Survey Engine® V5.2 is available immediately for download for our existing Survey Engine® V5 users. For our Survey Engine® V3 and V4 users we are pleased to offer a 30 day unlimited trial of the new software.

Please contact our Sales Team to arrange the trial: sales@codaoctopus.com

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