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/NEW Integrated Single Axis Rotator (ISAR)

Coda Octopus announces the launch of its new Integrated Single Axis Rotator (ISAR). The ISAR delivers a robust, light and cost effective single axis solution for vessel or ROV operations and complements the capability delivered by our dual-axis Integrated Pan and Tilt.

The ISAR is operated as an integrated solution from within our Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) software. This enables simple point-and-click positioning of the ISAR in the USE control window. Additional functionality includes user-defined pre-sets for fast indexing between known positions or viewpoints. The ISAR delivers accurate dynamic positional offsets to the Echoscope acoustic centre for real-time fusion with the external navigation and attitude data.

The ISAR is also designed to be used as a standalone system.

The ISAR with mounting bracket weighs less than 11Kg. The mounting bracket allows for straightforward mounting in any orientation to suit different types of platform and vehicle.

The ISAR is designed to work with the Echoscope range of sonars in the Coda Octopus 3D family. Its light weight and ease of mounting make it a natural choice for ROV operations combined with our new Compact Echoscope, the C500.

For more information about our new ISAR or other Coda Octopus Products please contact our sales team at:sales@codaoctopus.com.

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